Centrul de Cercetare Ingineria Apelor Subterane

About us

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Research at CCIAS (the Groundwater Engineering Research Centre focuses on the characterization of permeable media using hydraulic and hydrochemical data and on the human impact on groundwater.

Applications include groundwater resources evaluation, urban groundwater, groundwater-infrastructure interaction, aquifer management, vulnerability assessment, ground pollution control, underground waste storage, and vadose zone analysis.

Methods used are both regional and local in scale, of a quantitative nature, using flow and contaminant transport modeling. One part of the group develops geospatial data analysis and representation techniques and another one part works in data acquisition.

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CCIAS is currently coordinating or an active key partner in several national and European research projects using its Sedimentary media modeling platform for groundwater management in urban areas (SIMPA) as well as the FP7 project entitled Tailored Improvement of Brownfield Regeneration in Europe (TIMBRE).

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It's team-members have been involved in various Romanian and European research funded projects including:

  • ECAVAS - Prototype aquifer vulnerability maps for Romania
  • HEROS - 3D hydrogeological modeling tools in sedimentary media (Spain)
  • SITAR - Integrated Information System for the Romanian Groundwater Atlas
  • AQUAPROTECT - Sustaining Romanian research applied to groundwater vulnerability and protection at the European level
  • INSPAM - Spatial Data Infrastructures with Applications in Environment Protection
  • The FP6 project GABARDINE - Groundwater Artificial treating recharge Based on Alternative sources of water: Advanced Integrated technologies and management (developing a Decision Support System)